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About the platform

Reliable and performant IT services are essential for your business operations whether you have just started your business at the airport or have been around for years.

At Hub-it, we believe that setting up and managing your professional IT services at the airport should be easy and transparent, customer-centric and flexible to your needs. At the moment, the functionality of our platform is limited and under continuous development. However, we plan to provide the features mentioned below in the coming months.

Contact us at hubit@brusselsairport.be to find out more.


The service dashboard will provide an overview of the active contracts and service subscriptions that you have with Brussels Airport Company. This allows you to open and browse all active contracts for your reference.

User management

You will be able to create and manage user access to this portal within your company. For example, you can authorise a team leader to create service requests for specific services and/or devices, while only you have the necessary authorisation to order additional devices.

Subscription management

In the near future, you will be able to manage all your IT services subscriptions with Brussels Airport Company. You will get an overview of your active subscriptions, add or stop services and devices online.

Invoice history

Although Hub-it will not send your invoices, it will collect all invoices related to your active subscriptions. A centralized invoice history will allow you to easily browse and view your invoices for reference.

Service requests

Finally, Hub-it will also allow you to create service requests and tickets for all your active subscriptions and manage these tickets within the portal. Responses from our service providers to your tickets will also be included in the ticket history. One environment to manage service tickets for all your services.